10+ Of The Happiest Animal Memes To Start The Week With A Smile

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If you need a little pick me up, something to make you smile and feel a little better these are the photos for you. Sometimes when the new trending news of the day leaves you feeling anything but happy, all you need are some cute animal memes like the ones on these pages. These seriously wholesome animal memes will make you happy, and may even bring a tear to your eye at just how sweet some of them are. From smiling frogs to goat saving dogs, friendly horses to dog kissing cats, your worries will soon disappear when you take a look at these precious animal photos. There's nothing quite like a meme or two to make you feel better. There is just something relatable and enduring with memes that we just can't resist.

With all the trending news that is out there, memes are something that speaks to people in a way that nothing else can. Everyone can stand to see a new meme or two a day just to make themselves smile. You might be having a terrible work experience and take solace knowing that others have that same coworker they simply cannot tolerate. Memes help people with their different experiences and backgrounds through which they often find a certain amount of comfort in like-minded thoughts and ideas. That is not to say that you still can't appreciate memes even if you don't totally associate with the content. Memes are used for different levels of communication with those people know. If you are in college, you might send a college memes to your university mates, and that will often elicit a different type of reaction as opposed to simply communicating words or ideas through simple texts.

Memes also often give people a new outlet for creativity, often in conjunction with pop culture and other mainstream interests. Memes appear as soon as a new event hits the web and television, and people enjoy every moment of it. New sporting events have also become a fertile ground for memes, and social media platforms allow the spread of these creative and entertaining memes right away. There are even Facebook pages for memes, and Twitter accounts dedicated just to memes. Memes can help people feel better; it's that easy. Memes often have relevancy depending on who the memes are targeted to, and who you choose to share each meme with. There's no doubt that many people have agreed with relationship memes, given that statistically, many individuals would be able to understand the message of the meme.

Memes have become a new platform of cartoons. You could argue that memes have taken on the mantle of digital cartoons just as political cartoons once did. You could even equate memes to Sunday paper cartoons, though some people might disagree. The point is that memes share many similar qualities with printed cartoons. They express ideas and opinions, they attempt to relate to their wide audience, and best of all, they are meant to be fun and entertaining all at the same time. Just what everyone needs. So the next time you post, or you see a meme, know that there's a lot more to the picture then just a caption or some photoshop effects. Even if the memes don't seem like much, there's a lot more to a meme than might meet the eye. They are a way to share what people around the world are feeling and thinking. These funny new animal memes are just some of the things that will make you smile on the Bored Panda site. On the site, you will find all sorts of things from new trends, trending news, art, photography, entertainment, style and so much more. **

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