20+ Reasons Why Kids Can't Be Left Alone With Their Dad

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It's important to laugh everyday, and these 20 reasons why kids can't be left alone with their dads is just the thing that will make it happen. Even if you aren't a parent, you can laugh at the antics of these wise cracking fathers. Just like Spiderman's Uncle Ben once said, That with great power comes great responsibility, and with that said there are few responsibilities that are greater than that of being a father. But as you can see from these hilarious pictures, there are some dads that take that responsibility a bit more seriously than others. You will want to take a look at this list of photos because each one tells a story of its own. The first on the list titled Two Kiwis is priceless, food stickers and all. And the one titled When Dad Is Giving a Baby a Bath looks just about right, bath bubbles and all.

It's no secret that mothers and fathers parent differently, and because of this, it helps to balance out the needs of a child. Fathers usually pick up a baby to do something with him or her, and they pick the baby up differently each time. Fathers also tend to use more humor making every day activities such as dressing, feeding and bathing more playful. And from the look of these photos, nothing could be further from the truth. Fathers support novelty-seeking behaviors, such as encouraging their children to explore their environment. New dads are also more likely to let the kids master tasks on their own before they step in to help. When dads play with their children, dad is more likely to engage in physical activities like tumble and rough play. This helps with a child's physical development and coordination in addition to helping to teach limits and healthy risk taking. Fathers also discipline differently by using more real-life consequences. For example, a mother might say to a child that You'll hurt your friend's feelings if you don't share. Whereas a father might say, You won't have any friends if you're selfish with your toys.

Mothers often feel guilty always thinking they could and should be doing more with their kids. And moms, since they are worriers and the parent with more intensity, are multi-taskers with husbands about the things that need to be and how it should be done. Moms tend to make dad into an assistant mom. And in two-career families, this makes dad less than half in the grand scheme of things, a father sometimes feels like only half a provider and less than half a parent. Each father has their style, which has its virtues. On the playground jungle gym, worrying moms are more likely to yell Watch out and Don't go too high. While dads are more likely to say, See how high you can get. And regardless of the differences in mom and dads the two parenting styles compliment one another.

Fathers often feel neglected by their wives who they think put their relationship with the kids ahead of their relationship with them. From the point of view of fathers, moms specially mothers with full-time careers seem too tired and too consumed with the children and child development to be available for them or anything else to do with them. Dads often think that moms are too soft, for example, comforting an older child who cries excessively when he falls. These are just a few of the fun photos you will find on the Bored Panda site. The site has all sorts of new trending videos, photos, trends, art, photography and more. **

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