24 Kids Who Completely Forgot They're Not Animals

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If you love seeing adorable little kids cuddled up with their cute furry friends, look no further! These 24 kids who completely forgot they're not animals prove that we're not so different from our pets after all, especially when we were spunky little tykes. There's a reason pets and little children connect, because they're both on the same wavelength and see things pretty much the same way.

I remember when I was a little kid I would always be lying on the floor with my dog, I refused to sit on the couch or chairs. I loved to be on the carpet rolling around playing with my puppy dog. I definitely always wished I could talk to him because he was my best friend and I wanted to spend every moment hanging out with him. In fact I even took my dog's side in arguments, for example if he stole food or chewed up a toy I would defend him and make sure he wasn't punished.

Most kids do act like animals, but that is only natural and in fact as they get older they change and become mature. However, pets keep the mindset of a young child throughout their lives, which partially explains why we find them so cute and loveable throughout their lives. Experts say that dogs have the intelligence of a two-year old while cats have the intelligence of a four-year old, which goes to show that young kids really are at pretty much the exact same mental level as their pets in many ways.

Now it is time for you to see these twenty-four hilarious and adorable kids who forgot that they're not animals for yourself! Please click the link below to the Distractify website for the full collection of photos of these cute tykes slumming it with their pets and much more.

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