360 Sq. Ft. Houseboat in Seattle, WA

Do you love the water? Ever dream of living on it? What about owning your very own float home? Well, if you happen to live in the Washington State area – or if you are planning to live there in the near future, then you might want to check out this sweet little house boat in Seattle!

Do you love living small and simple but want a little more spice in your life? If you have an adventurous spirit, are interested in not only living in a micro home, but a micro BOAT home, then this listing might be for you. At three hundred and sixty square feet, this is a delightful space with a gorgeous view – no matter where you park it. And right now, it’s in Seattle – within walking distance to Ballard and cycling distance to Fremont. Sell your car and buy a bike! Buy a kayak too, and you’ll be good to go. This lovely little houseboat is a studio with a large kitchen area, a large bedroom area, and it also includes a full bathroom. There’s also a sweet little front “porch” area where you can hang your plants and decorate to your heart’s content.

This little house boat is so vibrantly painted and cheerfully appointed, we’re ready to move right in! Just think, with the warm temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest, you could live here all year round, or just keep it as your summer home. You could also rent it out for part of the year, or even year round, if you choose to. A place like this would be so popular, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have any trouble finding tenants.

Want to learn more about this beautiful tiny house boat? Then head on over to the “Seattle Afloat’ website by following the link in the description below!

Learn MORE at Seattle Afloat

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