40 Guilty Cats Who Deserve To Be Shamed Publicly

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Is you cat guilty of something that it deserves to be shamed publicly for! For many of us pets are a part of our family and our day to day life. If you've ever been a cat owner, or more specifically owned by a cat you can probably relate to these pictures. There are few things more unpredictable than life with a cat, our feline friends give love and cuddles and often can be both the best and worst parts of our day. These images of cat shaming detail only a few of the shenanigans that the kitty community has to throw us! Likely, you'll look through these 40 pictures more than once and each time you'll laugh. Humor is good for us, pet companionship is good for us, however, some of the chaos that our cats cause is very possibly not good for us. But we forgive them, cause most of the time, they're cute, cuddly and not making us crazy.

What's the funniest thing your cat has done? These images only represent a small sampling of the stories we've heard. Next time you have that moment with your four-legged friend maybe it's time to write the cat shaming note and start snapping pictures. Or perhaps it's time to reenact some of the recent pranks that have disrupted your life, caused you stress and then reminded you of the cuteness that surrounds the little turds that are our cats.

It's a healthy part of pet ownership and no one ever really owns a cat anyways. It's often said that cat's own us because they tend to be so obnoxious that they run the house from daybreak until bedtime. What they do when you're not home may surprise you! Next time you leave for the day, set up a video camera and see what kind of turmoil you can capture to share with the world!

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