5 Compact Cottage Ideas

These four plans show different approaches to the design of the small vacation home, from cottage to cabin or vice-versa!

Plan 889-1 is a tiny cottage that's a combo kitchen/bathroom with a storage area that could be converted for bunks. Architect Heidi Richardson designed it for a site in dairy country.

Plan 549-9 is a chalet style solution -- two stories, an open floor plan on the lower level with balconies off the three bedrooms on the second floor. Design is by Delta Projects Latvia, SIA.

Plan 479-10 is a friendly gabled cottage with an open living-dining-kitchen on the ground floor -- opening to a wrap-around porch -- and two bedrooms above. The design is by architect Peter Brachvogel.

Plan 891-3 designed by architect Cathy Schwabe, is a one story cottage with an open great room and two bedrooms, one baths. There's a spacious deck off the living-dining area.

Check out the photos for these 5 fantastic compact cottage ideas from the link below.

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