50K for this 1500 Square Foot Log Home (the North Lake)

When I came across this article of a 50K for this 1500 Square Foot Log Home (the North Lake), I was swamped with deadlines and had two phones ringing in my ear. Instantly, I was transported back to the relaxing summer in the log home we had on an island on the lake. I always remember going to the log home on the island during the summer and all the many different things to do. The log cabin, was on an island in the middle of a larger lake, with other islands around. It was only accessible by boat, and there was sort of a sea-faring community . People would do all sorts of activities on the water and fishing and water-sports, but then at dusk they were all tucked into a luxurious log home, protected by the elements and safe and warm. These are some of my favorite memories when it comes to the summertime. Big roaring fires, with the log home in the background, and sunsets streaking across the sky, in a plethora of colours. I would go canoeing, sometimes venturing out further than the last time, and doing a quick scan to figure out our island destination, always recognizable by its remarkable log home standing tall along its shores.

eLog Homes saw the demand for everyone to have a summer escape, a lakeside log cabin with the comforts of home. City dwelling has an unhealthy undercurrent and it is necessary to get back in touch with nature on occasion. eLog homes has developed an affordable and quick to assemble log home "kit" that can have you owning the next home of your dreams in WEEKS versus the typical months and months. when we were there, time stood still. We were fishing and cooking by the fire and singing, some of the best times of my life! I am glad that there is an economically feasible way to build a log home, that pays attention to detail and allows me the options to custom make my masterpiece. with options to use most woods, and adding hand-carved pillars or stonework, even copper shingles or roofing - building a smaller second home doesn't have to sacrifice quality when you are spending less on labor and materials. When you check out the blueprints on eLog Homes, your mind will be reeling with the possibility that your next cabin is cheaper than you think! make sure you click to see how for 50K you can instantly have this 1500 Square Foot Log Home on the North Lake!

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