A Couple Bought a 1800s Miner Cabin. What They Did with It Is Jaw-Dropping.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take an old cabin and restore it? That is what happened to this Aspen log cabin that went from an 1800s Miner Cabin to a guest retreat. In 1991, Eugene Seymour, and his wife Judie, from Santa Monica, California were on the lookout for the perfect place to have a cabin for them and their two kids to use as a recreational property. They looked in other areas, but Aspen, Colorado area, carried the most appeal to them for their log cabin dream home. When they came upon the old Miner's cabin, they definitely loved the property, but the old log shack was something that was less than desirable at that point for them. They recall that there were four people shacking up in the log cabin rent free, the floor was sagging which is never a good thing, and worst of all, there was asbestos in the log cabin, which we all know can bring a whole host of it's own problems like cancer and other disease. Even the historical society form Aspen said that it wasn't worth saving, which is usually not the case in Aspen. All historic buildings are usually supposed to remain. But Eugene and Judie found it very easy to get a permit for demolition of the old log cabin.

Usually, when taken care of properly, log cabins can last quite a long time and this one may have been in better condition if it was taken care of or even it if was just left alone. But if there were people living in it from time to time, then this definitely causes wear and tear to it. But before they went ahead and demolished the log cabin that had seen better days, their architect advised them to turn it into a guest cabin on their property, and that way they could stay in it while their larger home was being built on the property. They would save a lot of money on rentals this way as well. So the Seymours agreed to have the renovations done and to keep the old log cabin.

Obviously, the renovations were pretty hefty, but they were able to use quite a few of the original rafters, and the new structure was basically just built around the shell of the log cabin. This just shows how resilient log cabins can truly be. The fact that the logs were even still usable at all after over 100 years, is in itself amazing... The cabin is a small 693 square feet, but they managed to fit two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and a kitchen in the space. An addition was built on though to expand the place a bit more. But even to this day the Seymours continue to use the 1800s Miners log cabin and they say it stays warm in the winter, and it is nice and cool in the summer time. There are always people staying there, whether its their kids or their grandkids. So the log cabin lives on even though they now have their other house.

The interior is absolutely gorgeous for a cabin. The floors are a warm and rich natural wood, and the kitchen is outfitted with bright green painted cabinetry and white accents. The living room very much has an Americana theme to it, which Judie claims she has always loved, so there are red white and blue accents all through the living room space. It looks very cabin appropriate and quite charming. The bedrooms are actually a great size with queen sized beds in them. Overall, the renovations made the log cabin look so modern and very clean. A far cry from what it was said to look like when they first purchased it! Have a look for yourself!

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