Amazing Tiny House Built on a Gooseneck Trailer, Dont Miss This!

If you're into tiny house design, have a look at what Mitch Craft Tiny Homes has been up to lately. On their website, you can see the current projects they're working on including this amazing 37 foot tiny house on wheels built on a Gooseneck trailer. The home has some pretty incredible features including a large 7 foot by 8 foot bathroom, French Doors, a wood stove and so much more. The company has built a number of different tiny houses on wheels including a 33 foot long house, and smaller ones that are 18 feet long and 22 feet long. The one you see in the photos here is Elise and Clara's 31 foot long tiny house design. The homes that are 10 feet wide are not actually within the highway restriction guidelines so these tiny houses on wheels would have to be towed by a professional and would need a permit to tow them as well. Any tiny house that's within the parameters of 8.6 feet wide, by 13.6 feet tall and up to 30 feet long will be allowed to be towed down the road without a permit or flag vehicles. The 10 foot wide tiny house designs like this one are more like mobile homes so they're perfect for people who just want a little bit of extra space.

The interior of this tiny house design is incredible with so many additional features you don't typically see in tiny houses on wheels. For example, in the living room area, there's a bay window that fits a sofa in it making for a comfortable space to lounge and relax. There's not just one, but two sofas in the tiny house design which would be great for a family. Shelving has been added throughout the house in the corners and on the blank spaces on the walls. The kitchen is a beautiful galley style kitchen with tons of cabinet storage and more built in shelving on the upper part of the wall and in front of the window as well. The tall open ceilings add so much height and space to the home, making it seem a bit larger than it actually is. They were also able to fit in a regular sized fridge and oven which would be great for people who love to cook at home. The stairs of the tiny house offer up some more great storage which can hold various items and includes drawers as well.

The stairs lead up to the sleeping loft which can fit a queen sized bed, and has 3 windows in it for good air circulation. There's also a ceiling fan which will help the air to circulate well in the space which is so important for a small house. There's also a large bedroom on the other side of the house with storage stairs leading up to it. This is a bedroom you could even stand up in which makes it a little more comfortable than a loft bedroom space. A cute bathroom was integrated into the space with an arched doorway giving the home a southwestern vibe. The bathroom has a cool sink that's been made from a petrified piece of wood, and industrial sink hardware and the shower is a nice, large space too. They installed a composting toilet which is pretty typical for a tiny house design so that the home can be off grid. Enjoy looking at all of the photos of this tiny house design on the Mitch Craft Tiny Homes website as well as their other tiny houses on wheels. They definitely have some pretty inspiring designs.***

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