Beautiful Log Home

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There's nothing quite like the beauty of a log home or log cabin, their natural appeal and comfort always tying in perfectly with the natural surrounding. This "Beautiful Log Home," is just one style of home to look at.

This beautiful log home called the Hemlock, by Satterwhite Log homes, has 1,651 square feet on two levels. On the first level of this log home is 1,270 square feet, with the second floor having 381 square feet. The log home also has 723 square feet of covered porches, a great extension of the log home, and perfect for spending time outdoor in all sorts of weather. This company has a collection of mountain inspiration floor plans to choose from, these plans are limited footprint designed log homes that are optimized for steep ground. The log home plans will work anywhere, but they are especially well suited for sites that can be challenging on lake lots or hillsides.

There's a reason that log homes, log cabins and log cottages have been around for hundreds of years, they have proven to be durable and long lasting, and a comfortable home to raise and spend time with generations of families. There are log home and log cabin designs to suit every taste and style. Log homes and log cabins, can also be decorated in a variety of ways from rustic to contemporary. Many people choose to decorate their log homes with log furniture, log decor, and log accessories to compliment and fit in with their natural surrounding. Log homes and log cabins overall cost less to build and can save you money in the long run. Log homes can be a modern, rustic, friendly, comfortable and eco friendly choice of home.

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