Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Bars

A large majority of the people are fond of sweets. Sweets are simply something for the taste buds to relieve stress, replace a bad taste in your mouth or just a gesture for something lovable *wink*. When most people talk about sweets, chocolate is always on the menu and if you are a chocolate chip cookie kind of individual then this dessert is the right one for you! Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Bars are a combination of a chocolate chip cookie bar that is topped with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, sweet enough to sweep your taste buds off their feet. Oh and dont forget to sprinkle it with hot fudge. *smile*

It is quite the perfect dessert because you can make it in advance. You can just simply keep it in the freezer and pull it out on a hot day when you want something cold and refreshing, when you have company, or when you just crave for something sweet. It is a thick and chewy chocolate chip bar that gets frosted with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Its the ultimate dessert for all the cookie monsters out there.

These chocolate chip cookie ice cream bars are perfect cut into squares and drizzled with warm hot fudge over the top. Yummy! Try cutting them in thin bars as well and eat them like its an ice cream bar. Dont be afraid to get your fingers a little sticky, because that would absolutely be part of the fun! A good kitchen tip though, these chocolates bars are hard to cut evenly so when cutting them so make sure you use a sharp knife that your run under hot water. It does not matter what season of the year it is your taste-buds will welcome Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Bars anytime! Find the recipe at Two Peas & Their Pod website below.

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