How This Couple Built Their Simple Life in a Tiny Home

Some time ago, Alaska had experienced a great downturn in their economy and thousands of people lost their jobs in a blink of an eye. However, in the year 2010, a surprising opportunity arrived at the front door of this couple in where they were able to buy a slot of land outside Fairbanks. And so, they successfully did!

Without further ado, the couple started to build their home at the 265 square feet (12x16) one step at a time without a bank loan. As a matter of fact, the couple started out with a tent and leaped into the building development. Furthermore, after about two years they decided to develop the cottage for about 520 square feet. Now, you can see that the beautiful cottage comprises of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a living area. In the present day, their entire cottage costs around $20,000 in the periods of two years. Their hard work and determination were totally worth it, and they live debt-free, mortgage-free and rent free. Who would not be proud of that, right?

The couple is currently working on another project that is a log home. The good thing is that they are building it using a similar concept with the first one. It is all in cash! Afterwards, they are considering of renting their homes to people for extra income. Nowadays, cottages have found its way into the mainstream homes, and many people are considering buying tiny houses and cottages. Some bought it for environmental reasons while others are because of financial reasons. Based on the Canadian Homebuilders Association, many typical single-detached Canadian home estimated at 2000 square feet while tiny homes are only at around 100 square feet. That is a huge difference, and it is convenient as well. Therefore, these tiny homes are great for your nomadic lifestyle and can help you turn your dream into reality! Visit 'Tiny House Talk' website in order to learn more, or simply click the link below.

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