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If you're like so many others, you dream of that perfect getaway that's nestled away in the forest. Perhaps the location boasts a lake front view or maybe it's surrounded by mountains. No matter what the location, we often day dream about a picturesque and nostalgic log cabin. Rustic charm is a comfort that seems innate to us as human beings.

Picture this, you leave home on a Friday afternoon and drive two and a half hours to the quiet escape that is your log cabin. You park in front and gaze lovingly at the exceptional craftsmanship that is so evident in every aspect of construction. Each log has been placed systematically to not only give structural integrity but also to inspire an organic sense of relaxation.

As you walk through the front door, you're reminded why this little piece of paradise exists. You've rewarded yourself and your family by providing an opportunity for and uninterrupted connection while your nestled in the warmth of this picture perfect log cabin. Each moment you spend here is a spiritual awakening. The kids play outside, as a family you sit at the kitchen table and play cards each evening.

The appliances are not new, they are a vintage, eclectic mix of days gone by. Here you embrace this season of life surrounded by interior details stolen from the 1940's straight on through to the 1980's. Furniture is well loved and speaks of the memories that have been made in this space. The memories that will continue to be a model for generations to come.

We don't look to the future without first looking back. Let your adult children have the opportunity to look back and see a model for family life that they'd like to revisit with their children.

Give your family the most valuable gift... your time.

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