They Told This Little Boy His Dog Was Going To Be Put Down. His Response STUNNED Them

Our animal companions are so much more than pets. They are beloved members of our family. And there's nothing like the love of a dog for his family members. There's no other animal that shows quite as ... read more

This Heroic Cat Did Something Incredible When It Saw A Toddler In Danger

I'm sure Julius Caesar would've hated cats. He disliked Cassius, because Cassius seemed too intelligent - too calculating. How could you trust someone like that? Of course, in Caesar's case, he was ri ... read more

These 29 Adorable Animal Burritos Are So Cute, You'll Want To Eat Them Up

People, here it is. It's raining burritos... and cuteness! Burritos and animals rolled into one makes us want them more. *winks* What can you say about that photo? “Can I order those five cutie patoot ... read more

Get Excited For The Warm Weather Around The Corner With These Sunbathing Cuties

The warm weather months are coming and it is time to add some bright, colorful and fun decor your home to reflect on the various seasons. Cull "cold" winter décor by adding a few pieces that speak of ... read more

The 16 Most Ridiculously Pampered Celebrity Pets - These Guys Have It Made!

When I first heard of Choupette Lagerfield, a $4 million dollar Siamese cat, I was intrigued. Karl Lagerfield is the creative genius behind Chanel at the moment and spoils his kitten, Choupette, bette ... read more

The Secret Language of Dogs

I grew up in the nineties, so I have been indoctrinated by clumsily written animated movies to believe that if a dog ever does start talking to me, it's going to have a celebrity voice. Maybe Kevin Ba ... read more

Amazing Orangutan Saves Duckling From Drowning

With so little contact with other species beyond our pets, it can be hard to forget that there are several fascinating human qualities that aren't ours alone. Human beings aren't the only animals that ... read more

Curbing Cat Scratching

Owning a cat can have all sorts of advantages. They can keep your home from ever dropping to dangerously low levels of cat hair being strewn everywhere. They can act as alarm clocks when you didn't kn ... read more

Why People Care More About Pets Than Other Humans

There's a reason dogs are called mans best friend, people absolutely love their pets! Whether it's a dog, a cat or a bird, or anything else for that matter. They are adorable creatures that love us un ... read more

The 34 Of The Most Adorable Lil Pigs Ever

It's a little interesting that to certain days on the calendar are attributed rather specific items. For instance, there's a national milkshake day, which, I believe, falls sometime in mid-September. ... read more

These Perfectly Precious Puppy Bellies Will Make You Smile Until Your Face Hurts

Is there ever an end to the sheer cuteness one can discover on the world wide web?! Apparently not! This is another totally adorable post on Viral Nova on puppies! We all know that puppies and dogs lo ... read more

Watching A Golden Retriever Eat Corn On The Cob Is The Funniest Thing Ever

Dogs eat everything apparently, even vegetables! They're sure not picky in the least! This beautiful golden retriever named Coco - chan, is no exception, she loves to eat, but it is the manner she eat ... read more

This Teeny Tiny Ticklish Puppy Is Bound To Cure Your Winter Blues

This ADORABLE video is sure to put a smile on your face even if you are having a super bad day! It is seriously the cutest thing ever! This sweet little puppy is just so happy and content in his owner ... read more

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Squealing?

Baby animals are just so adorable that it will be hard not to squeal once you see them looking all cute and cuddly. They are the ultimate stress-reliever in our opinion. If you came home from an awful ... read more

42 Of The Most Important Puppies Of All Time

Who's in need of some cuteness in their life?! This grouping of photos from Buzz Feed is the post for you to see today! 42 Amazingly cute puppies to scroll through, each you will wish you could take h ... read more

Inspirational Dog Portrait Photographs

Jessica Trinh is based in Southern California and at just 18 years old she is an incredible photographer. Trinh has been inspired by her 2 dogs: a Golden Retriever named Chuppy and an Australian Shep ... read more

39 Overly Adorable Kittens To Brighten Your Day

This is the most epically CUTE thing you will see all day!! Maybe even all year! Maybe ever! 39 Photos of adorable kittens to scroll through! It will be sure to brighten your day as the tittle says. I ... read more

These Photos Of A Teenage Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The 1970s Are Quite Something

Now this is really incredible to see! I have always loved Melanie Griffith but now I love her even more! When she was a kid she got to have a lion as a pet! Yes, a LION! How amazing is that?! Her mom ... read more

16 Reasons Pigs Make The Best Pets

Pigs! Why are these famous four-legged barn-yarders becoming more and more popular as household pets? Here are 16 great reasons why: 1. They're stylish. Dress them up in hats and sunglasses, car ... read more

The 33 Fluffiest Animals On The Planet

OK, This set of photos is a serious cuteness over load! It will totally make your day, I promise! Even if you are having the best day ever, this will just make it that much better! If you can get thro ... read more

Twelve Great Dog Breeds to Protect You

Dogs come in such an incredibly wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, hair types, temperaments and personalities. The co-evolution of dogs with humans is a fascinating journey, with dogs filling many p ... read more

The is the World's Most Expensive Dog, Bet You Can't Guess How Much He Costs

Money seems to make the world go around these days and the more you have, the more desires you might have too. This article shows that no price is too high for something that you really want, especial ... read more

Another Top 10 Cute Dog & Cat Sites That Make You Go Awww

Calling all cat and dog lovers out there! If you guys are looking for websites that will inspire you to love your pets even more, then we got it covered for you. We love to share our love for animals ... read more

Check Out These 10 Amazing Animals With Beautiful Hair Than Yours

Can animals teach us something? We teach tricks and discipline animals and that's what we normally do when we have pets, but teaching us, is that really possible? Animals are actually loving, fun and ... read more

A Collection of 12 Funny Pet Photos

What is a reason we get a pet? Obviously to show your friends extremely obnoxious photos of your animal constantly and consistently at every single social event you hope to ever receive an invitation ... read more

50 Cute Puppies Make Your Girlfriend Smile

Warning from the admin: this article is dangerous... to your friends who are reading with you right now because this article is overloaded with cuteness! Looking at the photo of that cute puppy is lik ... read more

Top 10 Best And Biggest Pet In The World

Calling the attention of our dear pet lovers out there! And that includes me too. *winks* Whatever you have – whether it is a dog, cat, hamster, or bird, the feeling when you know that you have someo ... read more

Giant Rabbits Make Excellent Pets

Giant Rabbits! Are we talking about fairy tale rabbits here? No these guys are for real. There are big, they are fluffy and cute! Not only that they make good pets. The bunnies featured in this arti ... read more

Top 10 Recipes for Homemade Cat Treats

Are you looking for the best recipe treats for your cat? *silence* Hello? *another long silence* Am I talking to myself here? *cries* Hey! What's the matter? *silence* “My hamsters.” *cries loudly* Oh ... read more

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