MUST See Dream-Like Interior

You will want to take a closer look at this MUST See Dream-Like Interior! This beautifully sculpted wooden tiny house space is a gorgeous Grotto sauna, located on private San Souci Island in Toronto, Canada. The sauna was created by Canadian studio Partisans. The tiny cabin has a stunning wooden interior and gorgeous views of Lake Huron, the 800 square foot freestanding sauna sits on a prehistoric rock formation on the island, overlooking scenic views of the horizon and one of the best sunsets in the world, as ranked by magazine National Geographic. This Grotto sauna was designed to be energy efficient.

The concept for the sauna was a contrast between a simple/modest exterior with a curving and sensuous wooden interior for the sauna design. It is made out of cedar, which is a quality wood known for it's aromatic abilities and resistance to rot. the perfect for the interior of a sauna. This sauna is quite beautiful, it looks like it is part of the landscape and fits in perfectly with its surrounding views.

To minimize any disturbance to the age-old rock, PARTISANS studio used a Leica 3D scanner so they could create a site model before working on the freestanding sauna design. Afterwards they ran through several sauna design schemes, with the team settling on a concept that had a sensual and curvaceous wooden interior that was clad in cedar timber, contrasted by a modest and simple wooden exterior. The sculpted interior was created with locally sourced cedar timber that had parallel grains. Cedar is a material that is selected for its warm and aromatic features, quality, and excellent resistance to rot.

The Grotto Sauna was also designed to be energy efficient, so the airtight structure was wrapped in insulation and a layer of energy efficient aluminum foil, which created a convective air plenum between the internal wood walls of the tiny cabin and the space on which the tiny cabin is mounted. The round openings of the tiny cabin were locally fabricated with double and triple glazed high efficiency annealed glass. Vents and fans were installed in the tiny cabin to increase the structures breathability and to prevent rot.

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Tiny house designs are more innovative than ever before, with all sorts of tiny house styles, designs, sizes and plans all the time. More and more people are using tiny houses for a all sorts of things from garden sheds, tiny house vacation home, guest cottages, beach shacks, playhouses, and tiny houses for full time living. Some of the tiny house designs you will find around the world include prefab tiny houses, park models, RVs, micro homes, yurts, treehouse, houseboats and so much more. This private sauna is just example of a tiny cabin design that goes above and beyond what you would expect a sauna to be, with a design that compliments its environment and landscape.

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