My Dream Cabin in the Woods

Everyone has the idea of a perfect and ideal home in their minds. For some, the type of visualization they wish they pursue in a dream house is something that may suit their current lifestyle or the kind of life they wish to lead in the future. A lot of facets may describe that statement like in the case of a very conservative individual wanting to have a place of residence where the neighborhood is quite and peaceful. For the savvy citizens, however, a condominium located on the heart of the city where all kinds of entertainment are alive and countless is the place to settle on.

Many people, may it be the well-off ones or the middle-class individuals, tend to invest in a home that is simple yet comfortable, a reason why a lot of them prefer a cabin or a bungalow-type house for quiet settlement. For the very rich business tycoons, small houses like these can serve as a vacation home or retreat area when in stress or whenever one goes on a holiday.

The imagery of a dream cabin is this: a small-built structure with 2 or 3 rooms comprising of the bedroom, the dining room, and the living room. It also includes one or two bathrooms depending on the owner's preferences. For bigger families, perhaps a bigger space can be cultivated to space more rooms for comfort. Such cabins are usually located in sub-urban areas filled with trees, pine trees being the most desirable, to get a hint of the fresh and stress-free vibe. The style would vary from being in wooden fashion or marbled to the core. The wooden-style cabin releases a much more relaxed atmosphere as it combines the innovations of classically chic styling to the beautiful influences of nature. To add a more a romantic touch, a queen-sized bed is to be purchased to overlook a beautifully-crafted sliding glass door perhaps on the back of the cabin to allow even a little privacy for its inhabitants. The walls may be polished nicely and the furniture of eclectic styling to add a different edge to the house. Lastly, a touch of green on the roof gives out vibrancy to the entire piece. Now, isn't that a picture of a dream cabin?

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