Our Dark and Dreary Cabin Into a Bright and Cheery Coastal Cottage

You will be amazed at the transformation of this renovations and do it yourself home project. The room started off as a dark and dreary cabin design, and with DIY ideas and a lot of work, the work was changed into a bright and cheery coastal cottage. You will want to take a look at the before and after photos to see what is possible with a little determination and a plan. The layout and the size of the room were perfect, but there was no question that the room would need some work to get it the way that te owner wanted. The previous owners of the house had it looking like a dark and dirty wood cabin. And with the dark wood everywhere from the living room and entry way it made the place feel a bit like a dungeon. The rest of the house was a lot more cheery with white trim and lighter colored walls. So the rooms didn't blend until the renovation took place. And with the wood cabin near Lake Michigan, the owners wanted to go with a bright, cheery cottage look instead of a wood cabin in the woods look.

The owners knew they needed to tackle the wood panelling, but couldn't decide what to do. They didn't know if they should take it off, re-drywall or paint. The owners liked the look of the paneling, because it had some texture to it. They liked that the paneling wasn't typical drywall, so that's when they decided they wanted to keep that look for the cottage feel and they settled on painting it as a project to do. But they were so scared to paint it that they put it off for about five months. In the mean time, they put in new recessed lighting, added in a ceiling fan, put in new wiring and new outlets, along with adding super cool window treatments to the windows. They also hung up new curtains, whitewashed the entire fireplace, along with a few other miscellaneous projects. And what a huge difference all the do it yourself home projects made. Obviously, the white paint was the main project to do of this remodel, but whitewashing the fireplace also made a big difference in the overall feel of the room. Plus all the other little DIY ideas and all the do it yourself home projects they did, completely transformed the drab wood cabin into a cheery cottage.

When it came to the diy idea for painting the walls you have to first to wash up and dry the panelled walls. You want to make sure anything on the panelled walls is gone so that the paint adheres well. Putty in all those pesky holes. For this do it yourself home project there were a ton of holes from where the panelling was nailed into it. A primer is recommended for wood panelling. When you are painting real wood panelling, there may be some sap that will come through. The worst part about this is you might not notice the sap until you have painted and you wonder what all those weird brown spots are. You will need at least double the amount of paint for this diy idea. They put on one coat of primer and then painted three coats of paint to cover it completely. This, of course, will depend on your room and the paint that you choose, but always plan for more than the usual amount of paint.

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