Texas Turtle Sheet Cake

Everyone loves Turtles! So why not try this Texas turtle sheet cake recipe as a nice dessert that takes the original Turtles treat to a whole new level! This is not just a box of the favorite goodies, but a whole pan of turtle chocolatey, caramely and pecan crunchy goodness. Sometimes its easy to just buy a box of chocolates or some other pre-made dessert to bring to an event, but isn't it more fun to make it and enjoy the real, home-made deal? People really seem to love it when you take a beloved chocolate bar or candy and make it into a home made dessert recipe in a pan type of recipe. It makes it like one big chocolate bar that everyone can share and enjoy together!

There are many awesome dessert recipes that you can try to make with from candy bars and chocolates. I remember my friend's mom making Eat More treats into a home made treat, and I just loved them, I just couldn't get enough! Then another friend of the family, made some Rice Krispy squares with Mars Bars, and they were amazing! There is another recipe that is super good, which uses Snickers Bars to make dessert bars too! I am sure there are tons more, but those are just a few that I have tried and enjoyed.

So as you can see, it is so nice to be able to make a well loved candy into a full dessert recipe that everyone can share and enjoy. This would be a wonderful cake recipe to bring to a party or a dinner gathering for the dessert portion of the dinner. Or just some nice squares that are easy to nibble on and enjoy anytime as a nice treat! They would also be awesome to make for a bake sale for a school fund raising event, or make to sell and raise money for a charity. This dessert recipe is sure to be a total crowd pleaser for sure! The Texas sheet cake recipe is a staple in southern baking, although I have never heard of it, it seems super delicious! Layers of nice, moist cake, with a chocolate frosting recipe and all of the nice caramel and pecan sauce that you would expect from a Turtle dessert.

The recipe creator, Angela, even says that she thought it would be nice to try some salted caramel on it one of these times. Wouldn't it be awesome with some ice cream on the side as well? It would certainly make for a nice combination. This Texas Turtle sheet cake recipe is super quick and easy to make. Everyone is guaranteed to love this cake recipe, especially people who love Turtles candies! I for one am a fan of Turtles chocolates.They always go so fast at Christmas when they get put out! You could try this cake recipe for Christmas baking, or any time of year for that matter!

Some of the ingredients you will need for this Texas Turtle sheet cake recipe include sugar, self rising flour, butter, strong black coffee, unsweetened cocoa powder, eggs and buttermilk. The ingredients you will need for the chocolate frosting recipe include butter, buttermilk, unsweetened cocoa, and powered sugar. The ingredients you will need for the Turtle topping recipe include chopped pecans, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and caramel sauce.

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