The Cutest Puppy In The World Resting On A Bench

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This little guys is plumb tuckered out! The cutest puppy in the world resting on a bench. So sweet! He looks like he can't take another step. Puppies, like babies, need a lot of rest, quiet and sleep and this little guy is doing just that. A puppy is a fabulous addition to a family. Though they can be a bit destructive, with some good training they will bring a lot of happiness, laughter and companionship for many years.

Den dwellers by nature, an important step in raising an happy, healthy puppy is crate training. Dogs like to have a small space of their own, similar to a den. By draping a cloth or blanket over the back half of the crate you will create a quiet, restful place where your puppy will feel safe and content. Provide something soft for the puppy to lay on and remember when purchasing a crate and bed, puppies do grow. Depending on the breed of your puppy it grow a little, or a whole lot! Make sure his crate is a place that he likes to be. Put his toys, dental bone, etc in his space. Never force your puppy in or out of the crate. It is important that he learns to go in and out as told, as well as one his own whenever he needs to. Because dogs don't like to soil in their own space, it makes it easier to house break the little guy. Be sure to provide plenty of consistent potty trips outside.

A visit to a reputable vet is very important to ensure your puppy is happy and healthy. Groom, bath and handle your puppy often. Socialize him as much as possible. Expose him to plenty of people, places, other animals and situations. Encourage him to investigate and explore his environment. Make sure he has his own quiet place to rest after his hard day of work and play. Perhaps a bench will do, like it does for the little guy pictured on 'Sunny Skyz'. 'Sunny Skyz' is a website dedicated to positive, uplifting stories and upbeat media, like the photo of the cutest puppy in the world resting on a bench.

Be sure to check him out on 'Sunny Skyz' or by following the link below. He is sooooo cute!

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