This Viral Photo of Butterflies Sipping On the Tears of Turtles is Breathtaking

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Nature has the power to inspire us and transcend us, whether it be the mountains, forests, oceans or the animals that fill these places. "This Viral Photo of Butterflies Sipping On the Tears of Turtles is Breathtaking," is just one example of what magic there is around us.

This viral photo of butterflies sipping on the tears of turtles is simply breathtaking, a fiery orange butterfly, with wings outlined in black rests on the head of a turtle while slowly sipping its tears. The turtle is stretching its neck upwards, while it lets the butterfly sit on its head. It seems like a children's story, but there is actually a scientific term for the process called lachryphagy (tear drinking). The method is used by butterflies so they can receive essential moisture and nutrients. The occurrence is a pretty ordinary part of nature, but was luckily caught in Ecuador by Ama la Vida TV and the photos won the Wikimedia Picture of the Year Award in 2014. The photo has gained recent popularity on the internet, and it's no wonder given the beauty of the photo.

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