Tiny House/Cabin 12x30 $7,695

In the coming article and video you will see that it is actually possible to build a 12 x 30 foot tiny house for under 8K. There is a company that is currently getting more exposure (an

for good reason) that specializes in building small and liveable dwellings for afforable prices. Imagine you had the space to place one of these homes and did not have to spend half your

life saving for a mortgage down payment and spending the rest of your life paying it off and not having the time or finances to do anything else that this world offers. Tiny home building

offers a real solution for many young couples starting out and also people deciding that it is time to retire and living more simply.

This basic 12 x 30 wood 2x4 home has nice bay windows, an upper loft, a roomy feel, and a porch that is built on right away. The shell is delivered and set up for you on your piece of

land. The company, called Instant Barns, can go bigger (up to 14 x 40 feet) if you require bigger. They have 140 locations in the US.

Instant barns are created by Backyard Outfitters. They specialize in backyard sheds, storage buildings, portable buildings, garages, cabins and utility buildings. They offer customers the option to Buy or Rent to Own one without credit checks needed. They offer Free Delivery and Setup within 50 miles of a dealership. Backyard Outfitters is owned and operated by Jon Coggins whose leadership has built a community of hard-working and devoted employees that are seen as an extended family. The members of the family include builders, painters, roofers, drivers, installers, salespeople, office staff, and dealers–all working together to fulfill the company’s mission. For details about this product, visit the 'Instant Barns' website link below.

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