Tiny Houses That Can Be Customized And Built To Your Liking

Are you a young couple trying to get started in life and desiring a home to live in without blowing the budget? Well, many couples just like you wanting the same thing...but the question is, how can this be done in a realistic way and that you are NOT in debt for the rest of your lives? Houses are so expensive nowadays, let alone even thinking about costs of weddings and then later starting a family! So what can be done to achieve those dreams?...

More than often, financial realities dont really add up to what you plan. But a tiny home could be the answer! Building a house in terms of employing someone to build it for you, would be on the other hand a torture of expenses, and often times is worth less than the expected market value of the home you are trying to build.

Called Wind River Bungalow, is a 204 square feet that you see in the pictures; is the result of a couples custom design. Looking exactly like a regular home from the outside, these Tennessee based micro homes are a perfect way to live without the stress of mortgage and too much space than you actually need. Not to mention cleaning the house now taking hardly any time at all.

Inside the home, the interior is very welcoming, due to the hand-picked decorations and personal belongings that couples will naturally want. The kitchen is fitted with all that you would want, including overhanging jars. Upstairs, youll see the bedroom has other handy features like doubling as a practical reading nook due to the small bookshelf and wall light. Take a look at the photos and let yourself be impressed by the entire style. Make no mistake! With a lovely small deck on the front side, you can easily make your tiny house everything a regular dream home that you desire for.

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