United States Federal Court Rules Females are Free to Display Their Breasts in Public

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A United States federal court has just ruled that females can expose their breasts in public because there is no difference between that of male and female breasts. People seem to be split in how they feel about this new decision with some morality and ethics a highly contested issue among academics, society, and governments. Some people believe that a person should be granted an unlimited right, including allowing nudity in public places, while others feel this argument is considered profane and injurious to the social fabric of modern society. In conservative societies like Africa and the Muslim world, certain ways of dress are considered indecent. Wearing certain clothing, and the culprit, which is usually women, can face punishment. There is no room for the debate of nudity in societies such as these. This sharply contrasts with the laws in the Western world. People in the West are permitted to wear virtually what they like. In Europe, for example, there are several selected places where nudity is allowed. There has also been a significant surge in places such as hotels and beaches where people can take off all their clothes without the worry of repercussion.

In the United States though, the issue of sex and the body is not that lax. Some municipalities even have their own laws on how people should cover up their bodies in public. Although there have been rising pressures from activists to get rid of these laws, cities, and town officials are determined to protect them. The Municipality of Fort Collins in the state of Colorado passed an ordinance in November 2015, which bans girls and women older than nine from exposing their breasts in public unless the women are breastfeeding. City officials argue that allowing females to publicly expose their breasts would likely cause distraction among pedestrians and drivers. They believe that allowing women to publicly expose their breasts, has a tendency to disrupt public order. The law was then quickly challenged in court in May 2016 by an activist group called Free the Nipple. The Free the Nipple movement started from a 2012 film of the same name. The group has staged protests throughout the city in the past, by the gathering topless in public spots. Commentators suspect that the Free The Nipple activities of the group have made the city officials pass the law that banned them from exposing their breasts in public.

The gender equality group said the new ordinance was restrictive and discriminatory against women in the city. The group explained that if the new law was fair, it should have banned both females and males from exposing their breasts in public. But city officials countered this statement by saying the law did not discriminate because female and male breasts are different. The court says that the primary difference between male and female breasts is in the ability to breastfeed.

Although the court noted that there are physical differences between the two, it stipulated that it was not enough to warrant different treatment for men and women from the government. And although this is not the final ruling of the case for allowing women to display their breasts, Jackson wrote that he granted the injunction in part because he believes that they will ultimately find that the ordinance passed by the city violated the Equal Protection Clause. Carrie Daggett, a city attorney, said in a statement after the ruling that the city will review the judge's decision and then consider the next steps they will take. This is just one of the new stories you will find on the Anonymous site. On the site, you will find new stories, new trends, trending news, politics and more. **

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